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Hey there

I’m Claire

Deep feeler. Huge dreamer. Quantum enthusiast. And lucky guardian of a radically open heart.

I believe in leading with joy, choosing trust over fear, and honouring your own truth above all else.

Most of all, I’m passionate about returning to our original state of oneness and love.

Want to know my why?


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Readings & Services

We all hold the answers inside our own heart yet it’s often through reflection that we’re able to remember what we intuitively already know.

In my personal sessions, I collaborate with your Spirit Team to put your situation in a higher perspective and provide straightforward guidance to help you move forward on your path.

I’d love to connect and help light the way on your beautiful journey.


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Fear is really nothing and love is everything. Whenever light enters darkness, the darkness is abolished. What you believe is true for you.
— A Course in Miracles